E3: Weighted Grades

I missed my daily blog post last night, mainly because I’m trying to push through Duke Nukem Forever for review and spent about 3 hours on it last night. Thoughts forthcoming!

So this is going to be a shorter post. Basically I’m going to look back at my off-the-cuff grades for each of the Big Three and reevaluate them based on time and any new revelations. I might even assign a new grade or two. Keep in mind, of course, that this isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Like, at all.

Microsoft: B (old grade: B)
Considering what Microsoft  was up against — two hardware launches — their conference was among the more entertaining and made a good case for sustaining the hardcore while going after new users with Kinect.

Sony: C+ (old grade: B-)
I was being pretty charitable to Sony at first blush, but looking back I just can’t think of anything that wowed me.  The Vita price was a good surprise and got people talking, but they didn’t really make a case for what made this any different than the PSP. Piracy was only half the reason the PSP sunk; the other half was people realizing they don’t want to play console games on the go, and if they’re home they want to play them on their TV.

Nintendo: B+ (old grade: A-)
I liked Nintendo’s presentation, and I think they made a good case for the Wii U both as a hardcore platform and as something that can inspire new ideas. On the other hand, my original grade implied that they really knocked it out of the park, and I’m not so sure they did. (For an example of park-knocking, see last year’s Nintendo presentation). It was still a good presentation, and they certainly “won” E3 with the most mind-share, but this was a concept sizzle for the time being. Hopefully next year, when we see some actual games and know more details of their online structure, they’ll be primed to bring it stronger.

And with that, my E3 thoughts for this year come to a close. We’ll be seeing more echoes of these events for months to come, but the craziest week of the year is over.

  • If these Spanish Anon members are guilty, throw the book at them. I hesitate to judge based on a news report, but it sounds like the police have a pretty strong case. I wonder how Anon is going to respond to this after denying involvement.
  • Just keep milking those franchises, boys.
  • The idea of Leedmees actually looks pretty cool. If I had a Kinect, I might be inclined to pick it up.
  • I need to get around to finishing the first Puzzle Agent, and the Back to the Future episodes for that matter. But while it’s no Professor Layton, I really like the weirdly dark tone mixed with such a light-hearted theme. Glad a second one is on the way so soon.

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