Duke Nukem Forever review forthcoming

So now that E3 is over, it’s back to work on my various freelance projects — one of which was a Duke Nukem Forever review, due in today for edits so it can run tomorrow morning. I’m pretty proud of how the review turned out, so I’m looking forward to sharing it tomorrow.

Now with that game done, back to Infamous 2 and LA Noire.

  • I remember running a rumor story on 1UP, way back when, about Robin’s voice actor appearing in Arkham City. This was before it was even called Arkham City. Now that the Robin inclusion is confirmed, I wonder if the casting news will pan out too.
  • I doubt I’ll buy Star Fox 64 3D, but if you’ve never played it September seems like a good time to catch up with it. I played the hell out of that game, and uncovered every nook and cranny. It is now nook-less, so I’ll probably just rent it for the nostalgia.
  • Sad news is sad.
  • When Sony’s servers got hacked, allegedly by Anonymous, I understood it. I didn’t support it, but there was at least theoretically a definable connection between their action and their protest. And I say this as a victim of the hacking, mind you. Now that server hacking has gone en vogue and we get new stories popping up two or three times per week, I just don’t know what to say. Seriously. Dicks. Cut it out. You’re not doing anybody any favors by costing game companies money and potentially leading to honest people being fired.

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