Amazon’s kryptonite

I tend to prefer Amazon for my game purchases — usually for movies, CDs, and books as well. They’re usually cheaper than other places, I get free shipping thanks to Amazon Prime, I usually rack up free store credit, I get release date delivery, and I’ve never once missed out on a pre-order bonus because some teenager that works there ganked it.

Yes, I’m looking at you GameStop.

But its one weakness, the one problem that is just insurmountable, is that it’s an online retailer. Even with release date delivery, this renders Sunday releases moot. No one delivers on Sundays. Usually this isn’t a problem, but Nintendo releases everything on Sundays. And until we get rid of blue laws, that’s how things will apparently remain.

Making matters worse, they seem to refuse to ship a day early. Instead of shipping on Saturday so I receive it Monday, they ship Monday so I receive it Tuesday. That makes it not just one day late, but two.

Such is the case with Ocarina of Time 3DS, releasing this weekend. I have my pre-order all ready, but I’m doubting they’ll ship it tomorrow. Just a hazard of that particular retailer, I suppose. It’s not even their fault — just the unfortunate side-effect of our arbitrary postal rules and Nintendo’s totally bizarre release schedule.

Oh well. I have Link to the Past to keep me occupied. I just better not miss out on my free soundtrack CD, that’s all I’m sayin’.

I don’t think I’m spilling a trade secret to say that Bryan created the Sad Duke Nukem Twitter account. I doubt it will last long — because I doubt Duke will be in the public eye for long — but it’s pretty funny and you should check it out. I contributed to one tweet. See if you can figure out which one.

One of my 1UP features went live today, and it’s one of my prouder features of late: Hitting Close to Home. I actually thought this one would cause some controversy, since it ends with a call for rational discussion and understanding people’s feelings. Most comments are pretty positive. Go fig.

  • Portal 2 DLC, you say? Well hot diggity–wait, what?
  • I was a little annoyed by this MK Season Pass news, until it was pointed out that the PS3 version got Kratos. It’s a fair enough trade, I guess, since the 360 got shafted on getting a free character. I do like this trend, though. First LA Noire and now MK. Giving discounts for buying advance is both smart business and benefits the savvy consumer. Win-win.
  • Like a few of the commenters, I got this e-mail warning me of the Sega Pass hacks, but I don’t remember ever having a Sega Pass. I suppose I must’ve signed up sometime, but it had to have been an old password so I’m not too concerned about it.
  • I could watch Ken Levine talk about dystopian politics all day long.

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