Ocarina of Time 3D impressions

I haven’t had much time with the remastered OOT; I paused about midway through the Deku Tree and now, and I’ll probably be chipping away at it slowly before bed, as I tend to do with portable games. I will say that the first dungeon is kind of dull, as I remember, but the visual overhaul is pretty gorgeous on the whole. I especially like the look for young Link; he’s adorable.

I’m not playing with the 3D on, though. I’ll probably switch it on for cutscenes, but I just prefer without for a game that doesn’t really seem to need it. It’s also super-bizarre to have both the 3D effect and accelerometer controls, because it requires you to move the system around — which screws up the view. It seems like you’d have to select one or the other. I’m not really using the 3D, but I’m barely using the accelerometer aiming either. It’s better for broad movements while the thumb-stick is better for fine-tuning.

  • This Kinect in Halo Anniversary news alarmed people more than I expected, but I probably should’ve seen it coming. Gamers have a tendency to freak out over molehills. Microsoft issued a clarification that it’s purely optional, which I (and all reasonable people, I’d wager) kind of assumed to begin with.
  • I hadn’t heard of Dyad, but it looks interesting. We tried to get our own comment from the developer to have a unique spin on it, but I haven’t seen many other sites referencing our information.
  • The plot thickens! As it will continue to thicken, for the next year or so.
  • It’s was always pretty clear that Battlefield 3 would get a slight downgrade on consoles, but seeing it on Jimmy Fallon, it looked just fine to me.

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