Keep It Simple, Stupid

I finished the first dungeon in Zelda last night, which earned me the cutscene that explains the origin of the world — at least according to Hylian religious folk, I guess. It was such a nice bit of storytelling that tapped so well into the idea of a “Legend” that it makes me miss that style. The more recent Zelda games seem like they’re trying too hard to tell a story, while these earlier titles just existed in their elegant simplicity.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved some of the story moments in Wind Waker. Even Twilight Princess had some nice plot beats. But neither of them had that quaint “legendary” feeling of Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time.

  • It seems like this LulzSec arrest was sort of a non-issue in terms of importance to the group, but it will be interesting to see what comes of it in terms of other investigation material. Personally, I’d like them to stop, if nothing else so I don’t have to keep checking if any of my passwords need changing.
  • Completely unsurprising news is completely unsurprising. We don’t know how much Gearbox paid for the Duke rights, but they sure didn’t do it to put out a mediocre game and call it a day. Here’s hoping their reboot brings some of their trademark humor to the character.
  • And another MMO goes free-to-play. I actually expected more fan reaction from this, but Shack (which is a PC stronghold) is pretty quiet on it.
  • Iwata didn’t reveal much hard news here, but it’s an interesting interview regardless — particularly in the bits about how the Wii U was conceptualized, and how letting developers in on the system caused the leaks. Nintendo is a notably secretive company, and playing close to the vest may have cost it launch support in the past. But when you share, this is what happens. Kind of a catch-22.

One thought on “Keep It Simple, Stupid

  1. I’m not a fan of the hacking groups either. To me, it just doesn’t seem like they’ve got a salient “point”. It just seems like a demonstration of anarchy for anarchy’s sake. Pretty sure Robin Hood didn’t go around defacing things for no purposeful reason. If you want to see poignant hacking, there was a report of an “Operation: Cupcake” where MI6 hacked an Al Qaeda website that was demonstrating bomb-making and replaced it with cupcake recipes. That’s how to do it Anon and LulzSec, fight against people who seriously mean harm to people. Lashing out against Sony? Seems to me like an extravagance, something that will only really bother people that don’t have much to worry about comparably.

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