Dear Internet circa 1995: What were you thinking?

After watching The Princess Bride to honor the late, great Peter Falk tonight, I was browsing Reddit and saw a reminder of ICQ. Remember ICQ? It was a messaging program that brought together all your other messaging programs into one semi-coherent mess of contacts.

And the name sounded like “I SEEK YOU” — get it?!

That led me to wonder about the doomed fate of other mainstays from the mid-to-late 1990s. I actually had a Web site back then through GeoCities, because everyone had a Web site through GeoCities. It was mostly random thoughts on movies and video games, so… sort of like this blog, actually. But with frames. I never used animated gifs. Even as a kid I could tell that was tacky.

Apparently Yahoo shut down GeoCities in 2009, roughly 12 years after everyone forgot it existed. Way to hang on there, guys. A few archives backed up the pages before armageddon, including the Wayback Machine and Reocities. I don’t actually remember my site URL; I’m fairly certain it was in Area51. To be honest, even if I did I probably wouldn’t share it. It really was quite awful. On the bright side, it wasn’t as awful as some of the sites I randomly scrolled through a few minutes ago on Reocities. Just… yipes.

Remember “WebRings”? Yeah. This is the Internet’s deep cuts.

  • I’m sure something will come of the various lawsuits against Sony, but parts of this one seem a little obvious. Sony worked harder on protecting its own corporate secrets? Scandal!
  • Seems about time for another PS3 price drop. I’m going to call this rumor “believable” at the least.
  • I wrote a pretty detailed breakdown of the video game SCOTUS case back at 1UP, and it’s one of my prouder accomplishments for that site. I like to think I’m pretty well-versed on the topic as a result, so with the decision pending and likely on Monday, a summary/refresh seemed in order.

2 thoughts on “Dear Internet circa 1995: What were you thinking?

  1. Jer G says:

    I never had a geocities or angelfire account. Too tacky for me. I used tripod instead. 🙂

  2. MegaManiacs, Mega Man: The Man in Blue, Generation Mega Man X, MHHQ…

    …maybe this was 1996. I’d probably have to do some math and other fancy triangulation to figure out exactly when I began…

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