Usually a bit less than meets the eye

Despite some reservations, I actually liked the first Transformers movie. It was loud and dumb, but it was the good kind of dumb. Summer dumb. The kind of dumb that the first Pirates of the Caribbean flick was, which is what made it the best of those movies as well. The second movie, obviously, not so good. Actually, kind of aggressively bad.

There’s a trend we see in the video game industry, in which developers promise they know what was wrong with the previous franchise game, and they fixed it in this one. They’re not lying, per se, but it’s pretty normal to be skeptical about these statements. It’s just so rote at this point.

We see the trend less in movies, since it’s less franchise-driven (but becoming more so). So hearing Michael Bay say that the script for T2 was rushed and he recognizes that it was a stupid mess, that was actually kind of heartening. The reviews, though, aren’t coming in terribly positive. I half-wonder if this is people reacting to the big dumb spectacle that’s kind of fun (T1), or the big and much dumber spectacle that insults the viewer (T2). I suppose I’ll see for myself soon.

I probably won’t be updating this blog for a little while, but I shall return in about a week! Just FYI.

  • As upset as I was by Sony’s handling of the PSN hack, I didn’t (and still don’t) want anyone to lose their job or be a sacrificial lamb. So even though I doubt Stringer will actually walk due to it, hearing that a shareholder called him out is sad.
  • I’ll probably skip Kenshi. I feel like if I wait a while, there’ll be a PS+ discount.
  • Half-Minute Hero on the PSP was really good, so I’ll have to check out the Xbox 360 version coming tomorrow.

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