Revisiting Epic Mickey

I tried to play Epic Mickey a bit back in the day, but I never got into it. I decided a few weeks ago that once I had visited Disney World, I would go back. Since the game is steeped in Disney park references, rather than Disney movie references, I was missing all of it before. Now I figure I’ll understand it and might enjoy it more. Might.

I’ll have to report back. Luckily it’s been a slow couple of weeks, so I don’t have a lot else (on consoles) taking up my gaming time.

  • From Dust looks pretty gorgeous. I’m strongly considering just biting on all the Summer of Arcade titles now.
  • The game studio obsessed with movies might want to make movies. I’m shocked.
  • I’d grab Marathon if I had an iPad, if nothing else than simply for the historic value. I’ve never played the original.

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