Backlog weekends, the summer respite

It’s been a bit of a slow release week, so it’s looking like I’ll devote this weekend to hitting some games in my backlog. I’ve got a lot of portable and PC games in the rotation, so I should try to dig into those before the Summer of Arcade starts to hit.

I tried out Google+. I’m not totally convinced it will overtake Facebook’s huge user base, especially since Facebook could just add any popular features they find. Still, it’s generating buzz, and Gmail started the same way. Now that everyone seems to have at least one Google account, it’s not as if they’d have to sign up for an all-new account to use Google+. They can roll all those accounts into Google+ easily, and populate it with address books. It will be interesting to watch if nothing else.

If you haven’t watched this BioShock Infinite demo, do so immediately.

  • I’m not opposed to a director going after his own vision, but the last draft of the Uncharted movie sounded like David O. Russell had another movie in mind and decided to plug Nathan Drake into it. At least the new director is proposing hewing closer to the source material.
  • I did that GamePro piece on disability features, so it’s nice to see stories like this one cropping up. MW3 is going to be huge, so it makes sense not to cut out 10% of their player base.

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