A short, non-comprehensive list of Transformers 3 plot holes

As I tweeted, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a so-so summer flick. Michael Bay can put together good action scenes. However! It has plot holes you could drive a Unicron through. Here are just a few things I noticed that made absolutely no sense. Spoilers follow.

  1. Sentinel Prime was shot down leaving Cybertron, and we later learn he was defecting to the Decepticons. So who shot him down? The Decepticons had no motivation to do it, and if it was the Autobots, it should be common knowledge that he’s a traitor.
  2. Why did Sentinel Prime refuse to take the Matrix of Leadership? Wouldn’t that have been incredibly useful to his whole “I’m-a stab the Autobots in the back” plan?
  3. We saw Laserbeak systematically killing every human who had colluded with the ‘Cons, but they left McDreamy alive for no reason at all.
  4. How did Bumblebee get captured? This seriously just happens. No explanation whatsoever.
  5. The Decepticons demand that the Autobots be banished, and the humans go along with it. Why the heck would they agree to this when they know for a fact that Decepticons hate them and have tried to kill them twice?
  6. The Autobots leaving was actually a fake-out to prove that the ‘Cons couldn’t be trusted. In proving the point, the Autobots sat idly by while Decepticons slaughtered the entire city of Chicago. This seems like a weird way to go for a “told-ya-so!” from the paragons of virtue.
  7. Speaking of out-of-character, why did Optimus Prime straight-up murder two characters?
  8. The Decepticons wanted to make a human slave labor force to rebuild Cybertron, despite the fact that compared to them humans are weak little meat bags. Also, they kicked off this plan by murdering lots of humans.
  9. Literally bringing Cybertron into Earth’s orbit would mess up our gravity and kill all the humans anyway. You’d think this hyper-advanced race being led by a super scientist would’ve figured that out.
I’m sure there are plenty more, but I only have so much time.
  • I’m assuming this was just a slip-up, but given all the controversy over Origin, what a time to make it, right?
  • The Valve comics are universally excellent. Particularly the recent Portal one.
  • Wait, what?
  • I want to be Batman again. Rocksteady, hurry up and let me be Batman again.

7 thoughts on “A short, non-comprehensive list of Transformers 3 plot holes

  1. 1) Starscream, apparently, who was unaware of the pact his master had made.

    2) Maybe? Short of jump-starting some guys, I’m not sure how useful it might have actually been to him. Besides, he wanted to cement their trust in him, and I’d say that pretty much did the trick.

    3) He’s a weasel, but just useful enough, apparently.

    5) Politicians.

    6) Maybe it took them a bit to drive from… what, Florida? DC? Somewhere on the East Coast, anyway, to Chicago. Meanwhile, Decepticons can fly or bridge there.

    7) Stuff needed to be done, son. Besides which, it’s not especially out-of-character for THIS Optimus Prime. Don’t you just love multiverses? (And don’t ask about the version from Shattered Glass; he makes Movie OP look like a puppy.)

    8) For fun, probably. They’re Decepticons, after all, and there are plenty more humans to go around.

    9) I don’t know if there’s an official explanation for this one, so I just say it has something to do with the space bridge itself.

    Interestingly, when they did that very same thing in the original cartoon, there were tons of natural disasters resulting from the close proximity of Cybertron.

  2. Kevin Gomez says:

    I completely noticed number 4. This is right after he and Sam killed Starscream right?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here’s another one: The space bridge was supposed to have won the war for the Autobots. But Sentinel Prime was defecting and giving the space bridge to the Decepticons because he didn’t think the Autobots could win.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get this: Sentinel crashed on the moon in the early 60’s. Megatron was found decades before that frozen in ice, which leads me to believe that he left Cybertron long before he made the pact with Sentinel. Kind of big and hole shaped flaw there

  5. Anonymous says:

    Here’s MY dilemma… Why were the humans so surprised to find Sentinel Prime crashed on the moon when they already had Megatron frozen underneath the Hoover Dam? If you remember, both occurrences were under the same presidential administration, and most likely, the same Sector 7 members. Why would they not say “Oh look!! We found another one!!”?????

  6. Rogue says:

    My problem is that the third film revealed it was all about the space bridge. So why did Megatron “defrost” in the first film and instantly go looking for The Cube? Wouldn’t he have been asking where Sentinel Prime was? The third films plot messes with the first one.

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