Games of the Year (So Far) 2011, Part III

Onward! Tonight, I’m going with portable games, and… wow, what a short list. With the DS and PSP on the out, and the 3DS suffering a bit of a launch slump while developers figure out what to do with it, I suppose this is to be expected. But… really, yipes.

Also, I didn’t list anything from the iPhone in here, because my favorite iPhone games were released in 2010. I’m fairly new to iPhone ownership, but I haven’t been caught in the zeitgeist of any games this year. Here’s hoping that changes soon. I’ve tried Tiny Tower, but I’m just not getting addicted to it like a lot of people I’m hearing from. Maybe I’m the weird one.

Pokemon Black/White – A new Pokemon entry is always a welcome sight, and this one has made some marked improvements over its predecessors. Though I’d still like to see a few more tweaks made to update some of its more dated elements, it’s easily the best of the lot so far — until the next one, because that’s how Pokemon works.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – This is cheating. I know it’s cheating. But in such a slim list of games, I have to at least give it a nod. It’s a prettied up version of one of the more influential games in history, so of course it’s great. It’s not the best Zelda in my own opinion, and playing the update means some of its age shows through, but it’s still engaging and epic in a lot of ways.

Ghost Recon: Shadow War – An under-appreciated 3DS launch title, this is actually a pretty decent old-school turn-based strategy game. Which, as my next entry will attest, I have a fondness for.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together – Though I haven’t plunged all the way through this epic yet, it feels like the sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics that I’ve always wanted. The same kind of medieval plot with deep political intrigue, a lot of the same battle mechanics, and slight improvements like the ability to rewind a few moves if you get stuck. My only gripe is that the equipment system takes a lot, and I mean a lot of time that could better be spent felling monsters.

  • We actually were offered beta invites for COD Elite at Shack, but I didn’t partake since I rented Black Ops.
  • I’m not going to lie. I’ve bought Plants vs Zombies on three different platforms and played the hell out of it each time. But if it comes to Facebook? Yeah. I’ll play it again.
  • Now that tags are working at Nushack, I wanted to tag this post about Kinect robotics “Robocalypse.”
  • I’m so very tired of Angry Birds. It’s not a terrible game or anything, but the cultural saturation is exhausting. There’s an obnoxious Sprint commercial that mentions the game by name three times. Three times!

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