Games of the Year (So Far) 2011, Part IV

It’s a late night, since we just got in from Harry Potter (which was fantastic). So time to wrap up this GOTYSF week. Today I’m going to touch on a couple of overlooked games, that I doubt will be in serious discussion come GOTY time, but are worth mentioning because they’re solid titles.

I think the list of overlooked games will grow exponentially by the end of the year, since the busy holiday season means a lot more games go overlooked.

Bulletstorm – This is crass and juvenile in all the right ways. As Matty from the Filmspotting podcast has said, “it takes really smart people to make really dumb comedy.” I feel like the writers behind Bulletstorm were being clever and self-referential instead of just dumb. Plus, the score-based gameplay with both a grapple and push mechanic made the game deeper than just its writing. A lot of games are compelling for one reason or another, but Bulletstorm is just a genuine hoot.

Infamous 2 – I’ve tried a lot of open world games with super powers, and I don’t think any hold a candle to this series. Navigation is a breeze, upgrades feel worthwhile, and the city in both games is laid out well with plenty of environment while still feeling cohesive. While the plot of this second game had a few rough spots, on the whole it was a page-turner — metaphorically.

  • I haven’t really played a BloodRayne game, but I have a lot of faith in WayForward, so I’ll probably have to at least check out this downloadable revival. Like I noted in the story, it’s kind of a risky move to put it smack in-between such big titles. (My love of WayForward will be a recurring theme.)
  • Ubisoft jumps on the Online Pass bandwagon. I’m not opposed to online passes. I think generally they’re a pretty fair and smart way of handling the used games market. But for whatever reason, the idea pisses people off.
  • Canada just be handin’ out dolla bills.
  • WayForward is also working on a DS Aliens game, you say? Well then.

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