RIP Mega Man Legends 3

My friend Bryan has had a sinking feeling about Mega Man Legends 3, ever since Prototype got delayed from the 3DS shop channel. I tried to be a bit more optimistic, but it had been quite a while since we heard word. When it got pulled from Capcom Japan’s page last week, I figured its time was short.

Capcom confirmed that tonight with the announcement that the game had been canceled. On one hand, I’m as upset as any Legends fan, because that series was killed in the midst of its prime, and we haven’t seen any new entries for years. It’s such a wonderfully imagined world with likable characters, it’s rich for more mining.

On the other hand, the spirit of the Legends games was always in its fun characters, great voice acting, and heart. I’m not sure Capcom could’ve captured that again, as the new batch just doesn’t seem to have that same old spirit. Plus, the new character did nothing for me. He looked like Axl Redux.

(Axl, for those less informed on matters of Mega Man, was a super-lame character introduced late in the MMX series.)

So, I’m crushed, of course, but I also saw it coming, and had a bit of skepticism about the project anyway. It would’ve been nice to try the Prototype, at the very least to judge for ourselves if the game was worth pining over.

Might I suggest a different way to continue everything we like about Legends for dirt cheap? Make it a comic book. You already have a great artist on the Classic series. Give him another job drawing Legends and get some talented writers on board. I’m more interested to see where that story goes than I am in actually playing the game, so let us see it in some semi-official capacity. Heck, just add a couple pages to the back of the existing comics with mini-episodes. I’d actually buy those issues, and Bryan will attest, I never buy single-issues of comics.

Yeah. I know that won’t happen. It’s nice to want things.

  • The chance to seeing Grunts starting a chain reaction of death might just be enough to make me pre-order Halo Anniversary.
  • I’m not sure how inclined I’ll be to buy up indie games after buying up a bunch of Summer of Arcade games, but I’ll have to give these a looksee. It’s just too bad Zeboyd isn’t pushing out another RPG this year, since I love Breath of Death and Cthulu.
  • The EA/Steam saga continues.
  • You know how you solve a tired series? Torture the hero a bit.

3 thoughts on “RIP Mega Man Legends 3

  1. […] Steve Watts, ever the sober yin to my raging yang, wrote an equally disheartened but more charitable post on this; he even suggested a way to make it better that makes sense but will never happen. […]

  2. The Prototype Version is the biggest lie they told us in all of this, and it is what gets me the most.

    Here’s hoping Capcom allows Archie to tell that tale…

  3. […] RIP Mega Man Legends 3 – A piece from MMN founder Steve “SporkyReeve” Watts. […]

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