Trailer Leakapalooza

After seeing a shakycam version of the The Dark Knight Rises trailer and regretting it, and then a shakycam version of the Avengers trailer and regretting it, I’ve decided not to watch any of the leaked Spider-Man trailers going around. As much as I’d like to see it, I can wait until Friday or Saturday when I go to see Captain America. It is odd, though, how these trailers are leaking worse than a Sony E3 press conference.


Bastion tomorrow. Psyched.

  • Collector’s Editions usually run the gamut from “terrible” to “okay” — if I pick one up, it’s almost always because I want the included DLC, rather than the cheap plastic trinkets that come in most of them. But the extras in Arkham City look kind of amazing. Now to scrounge up the money. You only need one kidney, right?
  • The official first Pokemon 3DS game is absolutely nothing like a traditional Pokemon game. Weird choice, but maybe it’ll be fun.
  • I always think it’s funny when a game publisher delays a game, and in the press announcement positions it as “confirming release dates.” Sega had already given release dates for these games. It was a delay.

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