A reminder to read Locke & Key

I just finished the fourth trade edition of Locke & Key (Keys to the Kingdom), and it was unsurprisingly fantastic. Joe Hill’s writing keeps impressing me, and he manages to weave interesting one-off ideas into the main story. Each of the characters has surprising depth — the Sam Lesser arc is particularly fantastic — and there are moments in this latest edition that are both hideously gruesome and utterly heartbreaking. Sometimes simultaneously.

I gave the first trade to my wife to read, and flipping through it, I was actually struck how much Gabriel Rodriguez’ art has progressed. It always looked great, but it’s changed in subtle ways to make the heroes a little more relatable and the villains more gruesome.

The little index in the back of each book outlines which keys have been introduced so far. It’s somewhere in the teens now, and the creativity of all the different magical properties really keeps the world fresh. It maintains its own internal logic, but keeps things fantastical by continuing to introduce new elements.

So, to summarize: Locke & Key is fantastic, and quickly vying for my favorite non-superhero graphic novel series of all time. It will have a hard time displacing Y: The Last Man, but damned if it isn’t giving a a run for its money.

  • I really expected more outcry against the quote in this story about The Old Republic. It’s basically a BioWare boss saying they’re going to create artificial scarcity. Really? Not a single comment cared? Alright. No skin off my nose, but my Nerd Rage Detector was on the fritz or something.
  • I might attend a Zelda concert if it comes to the BSO. We’ve been there for Ben Folds.
  • As an Xbox 360 owner (twice!), I can’t really justify buying a new system. But my inner Star Wars nerd still thinks this special edition 360 looks amazing.
  • I really enjoyed writing this story, because it gave me the chance to nerd out about a nit-pick I’ve talked about with Bryan. Why the heck would Batman tolerate gang warfare, especially in his name?
  • Yes. I want to go to it. Shut up and take my money. Seriously, Rocksteady is probably working as hard as I’ve ever seen a developer to convince people to buy their sequel, when just “more Arkham Asylum” would probably be enough to convince most folks. Myself included.

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