Captain America

We just got back from a showing of Captain America, and it’s pretty late, so I’ll jot down some thoughts quickly. I think the charisma of the lead performances really carried the movie, and some hokey dialogue aside, it really pulled off the feel of a classic adventure film. It had some overtones of Indiana Jones mixed with a war flick mixed with a superhero flick, and it pulled off all the parts well.

The romance seemed to have less screentime than the one in Thor, but the chemistry worked a lot better. I actually hoped they’d have the courage to end on a bittersweet note — Cap finding Peggy as an old woman (or her grave, or her daughter) would’ve felt a bit more like a complete story. This seemed to cut it off right before we got resolution. I know they wanted to end with an action beat and a quip, but the tragedy was left hanging.

Hugo Weaving did a fine job as Red Skull, and I didn’t mind that it strayed from the Nazis. RS is a more interesting “superhero” villain anyway, and this didn’t need to be Inglorious Cap. Besides, Hitler was a human being. Unless he had a Wolfenstein-style robotic suit, the ending would be incredibly anti-climactic. Cap punches Hitler. The end.

(Though that montage song with the joke-reference to punching Hitler was pretty catchy. Apparently penned by the guy behind The Little Mermaid and Tangled, so that make sense.)

On the whole, this was probably my favorite of the Avenger “establishing” films since Iron Man — the first, not the second. Thor wasn’t bad, and Hulk was serviceable, but the two Avengers leaders got the best origin stories of the bunch, and their respective movies reflect that.

Speaking of Avengers, I think the franchise-masters at Marvel made a smart move here with Chris Evans. Finding someone to match RDJ’s wit and charm isn’t easy, and I can see Evans going toe-to-toe with his more earnest approach. If the actor playing Cap was weak, the whole Avengers movie would fall apart and Downey Jr. would steal the show. As it stands, this gives me confidence that it will be about two leaders and their superhero team. Excellent.

I was disappointed that they didn’t screen the Spider-Man trailer with my showing, especially since I had held off watching it for that exact reason. I watched it at home, and boy howdy, they weren’t kidding about it looking like Mirror’s Edge. I half-expected Faith to be slinging webs.

As for the post-credits sequence, I could swear we saw a quarter-second of an updated Cap uniform. Maybe once it hits the net sans shakycam someone can pause for a clearer look at it.

  • Not what I expected from Inafune, but sure. Yes. Go for it.
  • I wonder when Plus members will get into the R3 beta. I’m not as interested as I could be, since they’re removing the co-op from R2, but I’d still like to give it a go.
  • If you wanted to get Gunstringer and/or Fruit Ninja, this is a good deal. I will retain my plan to get Fruit Ninja through normal purchasing, so I can score Crimson Alliance.
  • I suppose it had to come sometime, so with news reaching a fever pitch I nabbed the story about the fan reaction and PR blunders surrounding Mega Man Legends 3. Given my past with the series, I tried to give Capcom as fair a shake as I could. It sounds like Sven outright killed any hope of a revival at the panel tonight at SDCC, so that’s that. I presume.
  • This may just be my favorite story ever. We’re using a new strapline style to get people to click into the jump, and they let me keep my proposed one here: “Wait, what? Why?”
  • Well duh.
  • To people complaining about the cost-creep of XBLA titles, this seems like a pretty fair response. And though it’s a Microsoft rep talking about the Xbox, I think the same could easily be said for PSN games.

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