Summer of Our Disc-less Content

I was thinking a little bit today about the whole Summer of Arcade promotion, and it’s really a wonder that Sony and Nintendo haven’t stolen this idea yet. Promoting five games and offering a freebie for collecting them all just seems so obvious once it’s been done. It works out for the developers and publishers, gives a nice bump to Microsoft, and ensures fans that these games were hand-picked for a reason.

In fact, hand-picking games is really the standout feature of most worthwhile services. The iPhone market is so flooded with games that, without its user ratings and staff picks features, it would be nigh-impossible to find anything worthwhile. Steam highlights indie games of note too.

We’ve seen Nintendo imitating this a bit with staff picks on the 3DS, but they could take it further. We should really be seeing companies curate their best content. That goes for the PSN market, Wii and DSiWare, and the Xbox Indie Games channel.

It runs the risk of playing favorites, but as long as payola isn’t involved and the judgment is quality-based only, what’s the harm in playing favorites? Favorites exist for a reason. Favorites are favorites because they’re good. If you feel left out from the favorites list, make your next game better.

  • ohnoes gears is 4 babbies.
  • I hadn’t much thought about these RE remakes, but I might pick one up once they hit the bargain bin. I’ve already played plenty of RE4, but I’ve never touched Code Veronica. Oh wait, are we still hating Capcom? I’m told we’re still hating Capcom.
  • Requesting attorney reimbursement is a totally normal part of the legal process. Nonetheless, I had to laugh a little that Gallagher used the phrase “waste of taxpayers’ money” while requesting that the state pay the ESA a million bucks. Don’t get me wrong; the ESA deserves the money, but the irony isn’t lost on me.
  • There was some kind of big hubub at Amazon today over 3DS sales. We mostly sat on the story since we didn’t want to jump the gun. Apparently it’s solved now, and neither company is mentioning what happened, which means that we’ll almost certainly never know.

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