From Dust first impressions

I enjoyed the Bastion first impressions so much last week that I thought I’d do it again for this week’s release, From Dust. Maybe I’ll make this a weekly thing for the rest of Summer of Arcade.

I’ve only played the first tutorial level so far, and it definitely comes with its own moderate pace. I’d like to see how they iterate on this idea to bring more challenges, and I can definitely see the point Brad made on Giant Bombcast about it feeling like PC controls would be more ideal. At the same time, it’s got a nicely defined world and an interesting hook, so I’m looking forward to diving in deeper.

By the way, finished Bastion, and it’s fantastic through-and-through. Maybe this time next week, I’ll be singing the praises of From Dust.

  • I’m noticing more and more 3DS titles getting pushed back or cancelled, which is making 2011 pretty sparse. I noted this phenomenon in the MGS 3D delay story.
  • This whole Steam thing is kind of turning into a mess, which makes explaining it pretty hard. As far as we can tell from the current information, Steam isn’t allowing games to carry new DLC if it can’t be sold directly through Steam. Crysis 2 and Dragon Age 2 violated that by selling through EA’s own portal with BioWare points. But older games that use that method are grandfathered in, which makes the whole thing kind of weird and inconsistent for fans. It’s actually kind of too bad that this is coinciding with the Origin stuff, because it’s just attracting a lot of negative attention at EA when they don’t really seem to be the ones at fault here.
  • That was nice of him. I doubt it will change anything, though. I say we should start a campaign to get MML1, 2, and MoTB re-releases or ports. It’s more likely to work and we already know the games are great.

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