Night thoughts (and new RPR incoming)

It’s a late night because Bryan and I had a night recording of NPR. Those tend to work out best for our schedules. So I’ll keep this brief and just go over some of the news highlights from today:

  • Not surprising, given the info we had yesterday, but I’m glad EA stepped in to confirm it. They really aren’t at fault here. The commenters at Shack seem unconvinced.
  • I enjoyed the first Resistance, far more than R2, but I loved the co-op mode of R2. I’m not big on multiplayer shooters in general, and it takes something special to grab my attention. All that said, I’ll need to try out the R3 beta to see if it has enough R2 DNA in it to hold my interest.
  • I’m excited about football coming back, and therefore excited about Madden. I might even pick it the game this year.
  • This digital sales push from GameStop is a weird move, but they’re kicking it off about as well as one could possibly expect. Throwing in freebies is a pretty fair trade for removing one of the major reasons people use digital distribution (i.e. from-home convenience).

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