Five years (so far)

Tonight was my five-year anniversary. We already celebrated, mostly, with our trip to Florida, but we took a trip to a new restaurant tonight. At any rate, that made for another late night, so I’ll make some quick notes on today’s news and call it a day.

  • This Ocarina million-seller story made for an interesting wrinkle. SSF4 only shipped a million units, and Nintendogs+cats sold a million with a combined SKU. I’m glad we issued the correction for the sake of transparency and accuracy, but both of those seem more like technicalities to me. By itself and counting sales, I think Zelda still probably made it to the 1 million finish line first.
  • The iPhone seems right up the alley of a developer like PopCap, so this news isn’t surprising. It makes a lot of sense that they’d reorganize a bit.

One thought on “Five years (so far)

  1. Bryan Carr says:

    Congratulations on five years. You’re both lovely. Now put RPR up.

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