How did Cowboys & Aliens go wrong?

It’s a shame seeing the reviews for Cowboys & Aliens. There are a few positive ones here and there, but overall it seems to be pretty panned. Good buddy (and birthday boy, tomorrow) Bryan told me to wait for a rental, and I just can’t see what went so wrong here.

I’m going to follow his advice and wait. But if you had approached me a year ago and said, “We’re going to have 007 and Han Solo as cowboys fighting against aliens. It’s from the director of Iron Man. Oh, and Sam Rockwell is basically going to be Doc Holiday.”

SOLD. I would buy a ticket from you then and there. Such a shame.

  • Nintendo 3DS is getting downloadable content. Seems kind of obvious for a current-gen system, but sure, great. Hopefully they leverage it for some of the upcoming games. I could see extra racers or tracks for Mario Kart 7 or a level pack for Mario 3D Land.
  • Apparently everyone agrees that Yun is totally broken in the new Street Fighter? I don’t have Arcade Edition, but even if I did I’m not competitive enough to tell these things. I do know that watching the Evo matches is like watching a completely different game than I’ve ever played.
  • I haven’t really gotten into Minecraft, but hearing Notch go over some of his tweaks in creating a new enemy mob was really interesting. He really provided a nice look at the whole process.
  • Not to speak ill of a game that I absolutely love, but the only reason to pay for the iPhone version of Final Fantasy Tactics is if you just don’t have a PSP or PS3. The controls look a bit awkward, and it’s way more expensive than any other options out there. Still, I suppose if iPhone is your only option, you should still play it somehow.

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