Sony listened to me!

At least, that’s what I’ll assume. Today’s announcement of the PSN Play promotion, which is taking some pretty clear cues from Summer of Arcade, is coming suspiciously just after I said they should steal Microsoft’s idea on this very blog. Very clever, Sony!

That said, they’ve got some good ideas here, and hopefully those will cross-pollinate. Giving discounts to Gold members would be nice, extra bits of content for those participating is a good bonus, and little static themes for pre-orders? Sure. Great. Give us some Avatar items or something. Microsoft, Sony has just upped the ante. Will you answer in kind?

(If Netflix being available on Sony’s free online service is any indication, the answer is no. No they will not.)

  • Attention, people. Buy Bastion. If you don’t like or own a 360, it is coming to Steam. The soundtrack is a good investment too.
  • I suppose I don’t get all the hubub over an always-on requirement for Diablo 3, especially considering the hacks that apparently ran rampant in D2, and the fact that those same breeds of hacks would lead to wrecking the in-game economy of the real-money auction house. But surprised? Really, Blizzard? Have you not paid attention to the internet for the last six months?

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