Planet of the Apes, Justified

See, my headline works on two levels. Think about it.

We saw Planet of the Apes this weekend, or more accurately, we saw it Rise. Apparently a lot of the country did too! It’s a bit slow to get the action rolling, but Andy Serkis really stole the show. It has enough brains and heart to escape from being the typical summer action flick, but it keeps us entertained too. Cheers to Draco Malfoy hamming up Heston lines. Jeers to the script not giving Freida Pinto enough to do. Seriously, her lines were just straight-up stating the theme or message of particular scenes.

I also finished the first season of Justified. It was very good. I know I’m late to the party on this one, but if you’re reading this and somehow later to the party, know that it comes with my hearty recommendation.

  • I like the Lantern Run mode in ITSP, but I would like to see something a bit closer to the actual campaign experience for co-op play. But hey, good on them for thinking creatively and making a multiplayer mode that isn’t just shooting each other.
  • The saga continues! This EA/Steam thing just isn’t going away, and I suppose I should’ve guessed earlier that it was all connected to the games we’ve seen pulled lately. I’m still sympathetic to EA here, but it’s really still just creating a firestorm every time we make a post about it.
  • I can understand Justice Kagan’s hesitance, but I’m glad she came out on the right side. Sometimes being a Justice means putting aside your “feelings” for logic, law, and precedence, so good on her. It was a bit of a slow news day, but I dig politics and I followed this story in particular, so I always like running new pieces on it when I get a chance.

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