LA Noire, finale

I finished LA Noire last night, and I can’t say it left me with the same wowee-zowee feeling I had when I first played it. I admire Rockstar for trying new things, and Team Bondi definitely did an amazing job crafting a story — the facial animations sold it. I just wish the game mechanics of this video game worked a bit better.

It seems like they wanted to make a cinematic adventure game, but got nervous mid-way through development. “Oh crap, throw some cars and guns in there!” A straight adventure game, with confidence in its premise and no embellishment, would be great. If it had branching paths so your decisions felt like they had more impact, even better. That doesn’t even mean removing the action bits completely, just making them more rare. Imagine how significant firing your sidearm would feel if you did it two or three times, total, in the entire game.

As for the ending, I don’t really get the controversy. It ended where that plot had to end. Did people expect the game called “LA Noire” to have a happy ending? Anyway, I look forward to my ideas being used in LA Noire 2: Jack Kelso, Private Dick.

  • I’ve actually already pre-ordered SF3 OE, because I am a sucker and taking part in the PSN Play promotion. But when else could you get five PS3 games for under $50?
  • The 3DS is apparently now $170 at Wal-Mart, and you can still get in on the Ambassador program. People, if you even remotely want a 3DS, now is the time.
  • If there’s one thing I like in games, it’s a “New Game Plus” mode. So that possibility in BioShock Infinite is probably the most exciting part of this lengthy, detailed interview with Ken Levine. He didn’t confirm it, but they’re thinking along those lines and coming up with something unique. Plus, I could just listen to that guy talk (or read a transcript) for hours. I left it out of the Shack story, but at one point he just flat-out platforms in favor of gay marriage. And the PlayStation Blog went ahead and transcribed it, included it in the interview, despite the fact that major video game companies tend to shy away from things like that. Know why? Because he’s mother-lovin’ Ken Levine. You don’t say no to this man.

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