Fruit Ninja Kinect first impressions

I don’t own a Kinect. I have no first impressions. I bought this for a $5 discount on Crimson Alliance.

(I know the title is misleading, but I thought this would be funny given my other posts.)

I also don’t have much more to say about Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet yet. I haven’t played it much, due to a lack of time and an odd fascination with From Dust. I wasn’t convinced at first, but it really sucked me in at the end. Since then I’ve been trying out challenges and trying to grow all my vegetation for achievements. I think I can almost perfect rank it, but there’s no way I can go through the whole thing and lose less than five villages. I just don’t have that kind of patience. There were some maps that I lost one village five times.

Toy Soldiers next week. Hoo boy!

  • So Plus members get both Trophy syncing and early access to the AC Revelations beta? As a Plus member I can’t complain, but I feel like basic conveniences like Trophy sync should probably be for all users. I mean, that process is just flat-out annoying right now.
  • Looks like I know how I’m spending my November and December. Or, alternately, looks like I know what’s going on my letter to Santa.
  • I’m glad the Nintendo execs are being so candid about the 3DS problems. At the same time, they’re also kind of stating the obvious. Over and over. But hey, corporate honesty! That’s somethin’.

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