Are you ready for some fooball? (Answer: Kinda)

So tonight was the first pre-season Ravens game. It was nice to see football again, but parts of it were just a comedy of errors. Aside from constant false starts, though, we did pretty well. It’s not as if we got a face-mask violation that could’ve snapped a man’s neck, like a certain other team that also played tonight. (Hint: The Eagles)

We ultimately lost, thanks to a questionable call. I’m not too incensed about it since this game didn’t matter, but it would’ve been more exciting to see a tied game press to overtime. Our new QB is a lot faster and evasive than Flacco, so he should be a good addition for when we’re up against a team that’s running heavy on the sacks.

  • I never thought I’d Google the phrase “pint of blood cost” to just make sure an off-hand joke is accurate enough to pass muster, but life is surprising sometimes, and here we are.
  • EA got exclusive access for Wimbledon? It doesn’t seem like they’d let one developer hold such a big card single-handedly.
  • Even though I don’t play games very much on the Wii, I’ll say I am curious about Xenoblade. So c’mon, Europe. Buy a bunch of copies. You owe us for World War 2.

3 thoughts on “Are you ready for some fooball? (Answer: Kinda)

  1. Bryan Carr says:

    So Flacco got the sacco?

    • sporkyreeve says:

      No, they played him for a few minutes I think, but this was more about letting the new kids have a shot and seeing who needs to be cut. Flacco is still going to be our main guy, I’m sure, but he’s basically got his feet stapled to the ground. We’ll probably sub in the new guy (Taylor? Tyler? Something like that) when we need someone who can outrun and evade defenders, because he made some good yardage by himself when no one was open.

  2. Scott Watts says:

    I only watched the highlights on this one, but I generally liked what I saw for my team.

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