Warning: Spoilers follow

Those who watch my Twitter feed obsessively might’ve noticed that I hastily pulled a few tweets today and issued an explanation. To put it shortly, I had some thoughts on the ending of Catherine, and I tweeted with a spoiler warning on the first, but not the other two tweets that followed. I didn’t even realize that the inverted recent-first posting nature of the Twitter site would mean some people would read the spoilers before seeing the warning.

It was pointed out to me by a user, and I apologized, and deleted the tweets. Then I clicked on his name and saw that he’s a senior designer on Mass Effect 3. Holy crap. I didn’t know anyone from BioWare was following my tweets, but this really wasn’t the way I would’ve chosen to find out. Mass Effect is among my favorite current-gen series, so being an annoyance to a team member was pretty embarrassing.

This has gotten me ruminating on spoilers. Funny timing, actually. Yesterday we were considering running a story on this study, which suggests that spoilers don’t actually spoil. (The story got sorted on the low-pri pile, which is the list of stories we get to if all the hi-pri stuff has been covered. I’m pretty certain we never touched it.)

Far be it from me to question their scientific methodology, but I’m not sure this controlled experiment really replicates the experience of being “spoiled.” These were test subjects who were spoiled right off the bat, before they started reading the stories at all. So yeah, if you tell someone up-front, “hey, turns out Bruce Willis is dead” before they ever even heard of The Sixth Sense, maybe they won’t mind. But in the wild, spoilers pop up when someone is already invested in a story. They already have some hope and expectation to be surprised, and that’s taken away from them without warning.

I don’t want to turn this into too much navel-gazing, but suffice to say I felt like an ass about the whole affair. Just be careful when you tweet-spoil.

  • I wonder how long it will take before Nintendo details the rest of the Ambassador games. C’mon guys, end the mystery. Anyway, the features seem understandable, even if I’d like to see restore points in GBA games.
  • I’m sure Joe Danger will eventually become a PS+ bonus, but I’ve been curious about it for a while. Joe Danger: The Movie seems like a cool concept, at least in what they’ve said about it. Also, I enjoy that headline a lot.
  • I was really expecting the comments to blow up more about how this is ruining Counter-Strike for console babbies. My favorite comment, though, is easy: “That’s a terribly fucked up mis spelling of Half Life 3 :/”
  • I never got into Metal Gear Solid series as much as I’d like, but maybe an HD collection will inspire me to go back and finish the one(s?) I never got around to completing.

One thought on “Warning: Spoilers follow

  1. Scott Watts says:

    A little disappointed that our version of MGC:HD doesn’t include MGS1.

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