Level grinding

I’m replaying Final Fantasy 3 (i.e. FF6) on the Virtual Console, and just got my airship back in the World of Ruin. I grinded out in the Cactaur/Hoover desert for an hour or so last night, and it occurred to me how unbelievably boring this should be. This is not only a repetitive activity, but one that I’ve literally done before. Probably more than once!

I can only conclude that grinding out levels is much more tolerable if there’s some kind of quick-and-easy method. You can spend hours in that desert teaching everyone magic, but it’s relatively quick and you constantly see progress. This is as opposed to most JRPGs, where an hour of grinding might result in a level or two.

So, yet another way that FF6 is one of the best RPGs ever made. They took a crutch that’s still used by the genre, and gave us a shortcut.

  • This is a bizarre Nintendo patent. Not because it’s a bad idea, but because it’s already been done. Quite a bit, actually! There’s even a term for it on mobile devices, like I reference in the story. Asynchronous multiplayer is already a popular trend, so it’s hard to see anyone laying claim to it.
  • EA is offering a pretty good deal on BF3. I’ll probably be renting that one, and I’ve already played ME2 and DS2 (no interest in Medal fo Honor). But still, if you have any interest in these games and a PC that can handle it, it’s hard to argue that they’re not doing right by the customers here. Of course, it’s also a none-too-subtle bribe to bolster Origin.
  • Get ready to groan. Mortal Kombat is (deservedly) making a killing.

One thought on “Level grinding

  1. Scott Watts says:

    My favorite level grinding remains Final Fantasy Tactics and the frog trick. As close as one can get to “fire it up and forget it” is the way to go with such tasks.

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