Toy Soldiers: Cold War first impressions

It’s Toy Soldiers, which I reviewed, with some more fleshed out modes and Rambo. There is nothing wrong with this.

  • A price drop and minor hardware configuration seemed like a logical next step for the Wii as we prepare for the Wii U, which is why it was so bizarre to hear back from our Nintendo contact that this was Europe-only. I know the differences are minor, but you’d really think Nintendo would be doing whatever they can to squeeze the rest of the sales out of the Wii right now.
  • There’s no way on earth that any corporate lawyer worth his salt would let an actual case be solved by a Quake 3 match. But it’s endlessly amusing that Notch actually suggested it.
  • After some pretty blunt words from EA, it’s kind of funny that Valve’s response is to wheel out their teddy bear of a boss. Gabe strikes me as a affable guy, and his comments here came off as really humble. Possibly just to make EA’s somewhat aggressive and catty comments look worse by comparison. But yeah, he’s right, EA is apparently trying something else thinking it will work better than having games on Steam. Personally, I doubt that keeping Valve’s cut will make more than the difference, but they can try it if they want to.

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