Final Fantasy nostalgia

I recently picked up FF6/FF3 again on Virtual Console, but now I may be playing through two older FFs at once. I was digging through my closet for trade-ins yesterday, to gather a bit of extra funds for the upcoming autumn assault of video games. I offloaded a few games I’ll never play again, but in the process found Final Fantasy X. I sort of got in the mood to play it again, so I pulled it from the “library.”

FFX is probably my favorite of the 3D-era Final Fantasies, so I’m looking forward to diving in a bit. Of course, I may get burned out between two at once, or they may just fall by the wayside as new games start to hit. I’ll see. But in the meantime, I’ll be playing two of the best RPGs from one of the most highly-regarded RPG series, so it’s hard to complain.

  • These three games are hitting so close to the PSN Play dates, it’s a wonder Sony didn’t make them part of the promotion. Payday kind of is, since it’s the freebie, but they easily could’ve swapped out Rochard or Sideway for something like Street Fighter 3. (I’m sure SF3 will be great, but it’s essentially a port.)
  • I have distinct memories of Elevator Action being kind of stiff and frustrating. For the retro-sequel, I have to wonder how much they’ll retain that feel to honor its memory, and how much they’ll change to make it better. Also, is there a lot of love for Elevator Action? Really?
  • This new Rock of Ages trailer is pretty great.
  • I don’t honestly think the online DRM thing is a big deal, but I’m not one of those people who would play a game where I don’t have an internet connection anyway. However, given all the kerfuffle kicked up in the past about this sort of thing, you’d think Ubisoft would be careful with their promises. Lesson learned?

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy nostalgia

  1. Eric Atienza says:

    “FFX is probably my favorite of the 3D-era Final Fantasies”

    More than VII? I may have to defriend you…

  2. sporkyreeve says:

    I like FF7, but I think it hasn’t aged as well as FFX has. They were new to the whole 3D thing and some of the weirdness of that transition shows. FFX is when they really nailed the themes they tried (and failed) to accomplish with FF8.

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