It’s a Friday night and I’m not in the mood for a super-long blog post. I’ll just say that tonight after watching the Ravens game (we pulled ahead in the 4th after 3 pretty poor quarters), I watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yes, seriously. I kept hearing about this “Brony” phenomenon and thought I should investigate. And thirty minutes of ultra-girly cartoon seems like an appropriate balancing influence to three hours of football.

And honestly? It was kind of funny. I doubt I’ll watch it regularly, but it was a lot more subversive than I expected it to be.

Kind of a slow day for news! Friday + end of Gamescom = boring.

  • Hard to imagine how even Valve will get this to work. As the comments point out, Portal co-op is one thing. Competitive shooter play? That’s a lot tougher to balance.
  • Opinions seem very split on this Battlefield 3 in-game server browser issue. Some people hate the idea of not having a browser, other people say they’ve tried it in beta and think it works alright. I don’t have much of an opinion. I did find it a little odd, though, that the story sprung up from Kertz answering random people’s questions over Twitter, but when I sent him a tweet identifying myself as a member of the media and asking for clarification, he directed me to EA PR. You can answer questions from random people, but when an actual media member wants to get the facts straight for a report to disseminate information you can’t answer? Should I just not identify myself as a media member? I know this is probably a policy issue, but it seems a little silly.

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