Now Playing: Toy Soldiers Cold War, FFs, and Indies

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Now Playing” post, so with Deus Ex, Madden, the the PSN Play stuff all hitting in the near future, I thought it was a good time to check in.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War – I finished up the main campaign a few days ago, which you could probably burn through in a short weekend if you wanted to. Still, it’s hard to say the game doesn’t have legs. There are a lot of challenges and extra modes that I’m feeling compelled to at least try out. I do sort of wish there was a second soviet campaign, though, similar to the second campaign in the original. Unless I missed it somehow? At any rate, it’s better than the first in almost every way, so definitely worth a pick-up.

Final Fantasy 6 and 12 – For some reason I got nostalgic for these recently, and FF6 is cementing itself as a better game. I’ve just felt more compelled to keep picking up and playing it. In FF12, I’m barely past the opening moments. I know it picks up once Tidus meets the full cast, but I’m just not drawn to do that quite yet.

XBL Indies – I blogged a weekly report about the Summer of Arcade games, and I’m planning to blog a weekly report about the PSN Play games, so it’s only fair to give a daily mention to XBL Summer Uprising Indies. At least, that’s my intent. The first launched today, and it is shockingly good-looking for an Indie game. It reminded me a bit of Odin Sphere, and those of you who played that know what a compliment that is. Unfortunately, the combat doesn’t feel very tight, but maybe I’m just missing some layer of nuance. Demos are hard to get that sort of thing across.

In the now watching category, I’m using Netflix to catch up with Dexter, and trying to get into It’s Always Sunny. I love the show, but for some reason never made recording it a priority. I intend to change that this season, while recording older episodes on Comedy Central.

  • Just Dance Kids 2 looks amazing.
  • Interview stories are hard. You don’t want to lift another site’s work wholesale, but you want to touch on the interesting bits. This interview with John Carmack from Gamasutra initially resulted in a story that was probably twice as long, and even that was me finding the bits I thought were interesting. My editor (wisely) had me cut it down to size.
  • It’s kind of amazing how much this DS homebrew game looks like Minecraft. The illusion falls apart a bit when you see a bunch of screens, but that one we used is just a straight-up screen upscaled with hard edges.
  • I watched this Serious Sam trailer to make sure there was nothing in it that would require us to age-gate it, and holy crap that game looks insane.
  • These latest comments from Blizzard on the online connectivity requirement for Diablo 3 are pretty much exactly like the last comments — just a little more blunt. Maybe it’s time to just lay low for a while, wait for it to blow over. Right now it always seems to get people riled up, but do you ever hear anyone bitching about the game being too colorful anymore? Internet rage tends to have a short attention span.

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