So that’s what an earthquake feels like…

It feels like the air conditioner coming on, really hard, for about twice as long. I’ve been reading about west-coasters having a good chuckle at our reactions, which is fair enough I suppose. Still, I challenge anyone to experience a natural phenomenon for the first time in their lives, outside its usual area for the first time in over a century, and not want to talk about it a bit. It’s an experience, guys. When you get a blizzard we’ll let you chatter about it till your heart’s content.

It didn’t take long for the Summer Uprising to go out of sync. I’m not sure what happened, but Battle High didn’t go live today as far as I can tell, and Cute Things Dying Violently did. Maybe the two switched off? At any rate, CTDV might be a cute/gruesome premise on the whole, but I just have trouble getting into the right-stick slingshot control method.

I tried out SF3 a bit tonight, and that is one tight fighting game. I’m not good enough at fighting games in general to delude myself into thinking I’ll ever master it, but I know enough to know polish when I see it. It’s no wonder it’s still so highly regarded on the tourney circuit.

  • The comments in this PS Home story say it all.
  • Sonic 4: Ep1 wasn’t bad, but with such a long time between episodes they may just want to drop it. The game got a so-so reception, it’s not as if people are waiting on more with baited breath.
  • I have to say, this is actually a somewhat reasonable argument. I think it’d be nice to have both features included and let developers pick, but they made an executive decision. That was probably more for the OLED screen than anything, though, to be honest.

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