Deus Ex first impressions

I received Deus Ex: Human Revolution from Gamefly today and played an hour or two, through the first mission. I haven’t quite got a handle on the stealth, and I think I may make my next mission use lethal force so I don’t have a weak one-shot tranquilizer.

It’s a bit like Alpha Protocol, with a healthy dose of Blade Runner and more time to cook.

I tried out TEC 3001 tonight, and it’s a pretty responsive free-running type of game. Almost like a third-person Mirror’s Edge from behind the back, so speed-runners should have a fun time with it.

  • I love how most of the responses to Kanye West at COD XP are people saying they’re less likely to attend. Nothing against his music, but he’s a pretty divisive figure.
  • It’s a shame that Insomniac might step away from Resistance, but they need to chase other birds and Overstrike looks great. Here’s hoping R3 lets them go out on a high note.
  • I was always a bit curious about Little King’s Story, and this news bit reminded me. Back on the Amazon Wish List it goes.

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