Finally, a Star Wars post-edit I can get behind

Those who know the deep inner-recesses of my mind know that the part of my brain responsible for nostalgia is occupied about 40% by Star Wars, the largest of any nostalgia sectors. Watching Lucas edit and re-edit the films over the years didn’t used to bother me, but it’s slowly gotten on my nerves, to the point that the Emperor just straight-up spoils the twist in Empire Strikes Back a good 40 minutes before it happens. I know this isn’t a twist anymore, and it’s so ingrained in pop culture that no one would ever be surprised, but come on. Leave that stuff in tact.

On top of that, Lucas really prefers these updated versions, and had to be pressed to release the originals. So while I’d love to snag the Blu-rays this holiday season, I can’t help the creeping feeling that we’ll get the “standard” unchanged editions a year or so afterwards and I’ll be kicking myself. But honestly, it wouldn’t be hard to include both sets of scenes on the Blu-ray discs. There’s plenty of room.

All this is to say that I’ve finally heard about a change I can support. Because let’s all be honest: Yoda’s representation in Episode I was absolutely god awful. It was a green, raspy Ms. Piggy with the eyes of a starved hobo who just found a can of baked beans. So I fully support this:


Now if we can just convince him to edit out and/or murder Jar Jar.

Today’s Indie game is Doom & Destiny, probably the one I’m most anticipating since I’ve really enjoyed retro-RPG throwbacks on the Indie channel like Breath of Death VII, Cthulu Saves the World, and Epic Dungeon. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet, thanks to marathoning my way through Dexter S5. But I’ll be digging in shortly.

Speaking of Epic Dungeon, there’s a new version out called Cursed Loot for the same price (a buck). If you didn’t play Epic Dungeon and you enjoy rogue-likes, pick it up. It’s the same game with one new class and some new abilities, so it pretty much renders the other one irrelevant.

  • And thus, the great war between GameStop and Square Enix came to a close. I kind of understand GameStop’s response; putting a competitor’s coupon into a product is sort of a Trojan Horse move. But they should’ve pulled the stock with Square’s blessing in the first place, instead of opening the copies to remove the coupons. It would’ve been a PR disaster, but less so.
  • Say what you will about selling our games back to us as downloadables, but it’s nice when companies release cheap, easily accessible versions of old rarities.
  • Oh David Jaffe, you so crazy.
  • I’m definitely curious about Quantum Conundrum, but people already seem pretty cynical about whether it will be as witty as Portal. Let’s set reasonable expectations, guys. Valve has a great writing staff, and an interesting and unique puzzle game design justifies itself with or without a snarky, overbearing computer.

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