Storm’s a-comin’, Ani. Better get inside.

Apparently we get hurricanes in Maryland now? People come here for mild temperatures and low probability of natural disasters, and Mother Nature is totally punking us this week.

At least they’ve postponed the baseball game I got my dad tickets to. The downside? They only postponed it a day. You can still apparently exchange the tickets, though, so I’ll have to check how long that window will be open.

Doom & Destiny is pretty great, and I actually bought it. It was made with the standard RPG Maker software, and that shows, but it’s got a real sense of meta-cleverness to the writing, and a few interesting hooks on the old RPG formula. My favorite might be that you pick a party leader, which gives passive bonuses based on field position. It’s taking that old “back/front” formation mechanic from Final Fantasy and iterating on it in a way that FF never did.

Speaking of RPGs and Indie developers, hells yes. Zeboyd is one of my favorite developers on the Indie channel, and I wondered why he wasn’t in on the Summer Uprising when he basically spearheaded the Winter Uprising that spawned it. If he was putting those projects aside to work on PA:3 I say more power to him.

Crimson Alliance has a smart pricing model that more games should imitate. Not that it matters for me; I picked up all the Summer of Arcade titles so I’m getting it for free anyway. Wait a minute–I picked up Fruit Ninja to get an effective $5 discount on this game, which would happen anyway if I had picked a class. Foiled again!

  • Right price, and an easy way to undercut Diablo 3 before it comes out. Well played, Torchlight.
  • Know what we need? More versions of Street Fighter IV.

2 thoughts on “Storm’s a-comin’, Ani. Better get inside.

  1. Scott Watts says:

    Looks like a couple of the SSFIV characters were too severely unbalanced. This is fine for a Marvel vs. Capcom game, but not for the main series. At least it’s a patch (meaning free?).

    I may have to pick up SFIII: Online Ed. Mechanically, it may be the best SF ever (with probably the worst final boss ever).

    Have you played “Xenoblade Chronicles” yet? It’s getting some pretty good press – looks like just about the only worthwhile new game on the Wii right now, at least until Zelda is released.

  2. sporkyreeve says:

    I haven’t, but I want to. Apparently region-locking means I’d have to hack my Wii or import a EU one to play it, so I’m crossing my fingers that it comes over.

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