God Save the (Burger) King

Apparently Burger King retired “The King” character, focusing more on ads that stress the freshness and quality of their food. Call me kooky, but this seems like a losing proposition. You’re never going to convince America that Burger King is good quality food. That’s not why we go there. We go there because junk tastes good sometimes.

Meanwhile, the King is one of the best bits of odd-vertising in the last decade. His debut (waiting in someone’s bed and then awkwardly handing them a breakfast sandwich) was a perfect bit of subversive humor. I’ve heard people call it creepy. Which is the entire point.

Irene rolled through here, so there are some fallen branches around, but mainly it was just some rain and high winds.

Apparently dating a seemingly nice dude turns into a pulp-horror nightmare when he reveals his geeky pursuits. Maybe there’s more to this story, but as written she comes off like a bitch created in a lab out of parts from deceased bitches. She’s trying to be funny, but the tone is all off. And talk about interning at the wrong place — why would you go to Gizmodo if you find nerds so inherently creepy? I mean, have you ever actually read Gizmodo, honey? Here’s a piece the user interface for Windows 8. Srsly.

  • I had a line in this Epic Mickey 2 story about Mickey and Oswald apparently resolving their differences, but it got cut out. I guess a Disney plot having a happy ending is a spoiler? Alright.
  • Well, that money I was planning on spending on Halo Anniversary is now going towards Professor Layton. This time of year, I have to prioritize chronologically.
  • I’m not a huge Aliens fan, but WayForward is enough to get me to try just about anything.
  • Wait, somebody announced a Wii game?

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