Going Madden

I promised thoughts on a ton of games tonight, and by God I’m going to deliver. First up is Madden 12, and I’m admittedly a newbie. I only recently started picking up the football titles, so I can’t really criticize all the nuance of it as compared to previous years. Garnett Lee is a huge fan, so he picked it apart rather nicely in his review.

As for me, I’m liking it. The minimalist hub and collision system are nice touches, and I like being able to play as the Ravens. (When I played NCAA, I had no real affinity for any college team). The Fantasy Football connectivity seems like a nice touch, but it could be fleshed out a lot more with actual match-ups featuring your fantasy team. The Ultimate Team is kind of a strange hybrid of the Exhibition and Fantasy modes, with a sprinkle of collectible card game. At the moment I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the different modes and options, so I’m dipping toes in tentatively.

The Baconing is more DeathSpank. I only played the demo of a previous game, but it’s pretty well what I expect. I’m dying a lot. And the dialogue seems funnier than I remember from the demo, but still never laugh-out-loud funny. I’d be mad at Hothead for canceling Penny Arcade for this, but as previously mentioned, that’s being taken care of by another indie that I really like, so no harm done.

Summer Uprising! Train Frontier Express is a really cool set of building tools, and if you like model train sets I have to imagine it would be a dream come true. Chester seems like a decent platformer.

NES Ambassador games! I tried all of them out for at least a moment, and what follows is what I remember of my impressions when going through the list:

The Legend of Zelda! Whoo! I… wow, the first dungeon only takes like 5 minutes? I thought it was longer. It definitely seemed longer before. Alright, how about Zelda 2? This isn’t so bad, I can get through this. Where do I go? Hammer? Oh screw it. Hmm, Super Mario Bros. Yep. That’s 1-1. Metroid! Got the ball form, and… eh, I’ll come back to this. Man, Donkey Kong Jr is hard. And Mario is being a dick. How about Yoshi? Wait, so do I flip these things to… is it three in a row? Maybe the eggs, maybe if you… no, that’s not it either. Wait, what the hell do you do in this game? Fine, whatever. Open Tournament Golf, everyone knows how to play golf. So do I hit the button in the middle, or…? Okay, 19 strokes later, I got it. Did people not notice that Balloon Fight was basically Joust? Wrecking Crew is… okay, no idea what I’m doing here either. Why were these NES games so obtuse? I bet some kind of digital instruction manual would help. Last one, Ice Climbers. Oh, Popo, no wonder you haven’t had a game in 20-plus years.

  • I’m not sure if anyone, even Sony, is expecting the PlayStation Suite to be a smashing success. I just wonder if they’re diluting the brand.
  • I’m not sure if I’m the only person who broke down the per-month PSN numbers in this story to compare registrations before and after the attack, but my story is the only one I saw that took that step. Maths!
  • I find most trailers that are supposed to be creepy unbelievably cheesy, but this one for Corpse Party is genuinely kind of disturbing.

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