Crimson Alliance first impressions

For the first time this year, I went for all of the Summer of Arcade games to get the freebie. I didn’t realize that meant I’d also get it early, but I got the code for Crimson Alliance last night. This blog is already coming a little late, so I thought I would just chime in with a few thoughts.

It really doesn’t put its best foot forward with the first stage. It’s a little too slow, especially if you play by yourself. It’s definitely a game meant for multiplayer, and once you get rolling with upgrading your character it has a lot more meat on its bones. So far I’ve played mostly as an Assassin, but a little as the Mage. I think I actually prefer the Mage, since the speed difference isn’t actually that great.

Anyway, seems enjoyable so far! Hopefully next Wednesday the player pool will be bigger so I can find more players.

  • Montreal did feel a little incomplete in Deus Ex, so it makes sense that they planned to have more of it. Would’ve been nice to get out of that one singular building.
  • As underwhelming and stupid as the ending of Resistance 2 was, at least they have the good sense not to bring Nathan Hale back for R3.
  • Like one of the commenters, I thought Jensen’s 3-day absence was some kind of stasis or hypersleep or something. Apparently they meant to imply that he had other adventures there? I don’t know, I didn’t get that vibe at all.
  • This story was actually a lot meaner to Dynasty Warriors in its first draft, but my editor wisely had me tone it down. I was going for humor! Oh well.

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