Slow news day is slow

Today was an oddly slow news day. Maybe the 3DS analog pad threw everyone off their game? At any rate, I had an extremely quiet couple of hours during the daily grind, which isn’t normal at all.

I played a little Crimson Alliance tonight with partners on Xbox Live. It’s got a little bit of slow-down with four players, but at least now I can find teams. I also found the filters pretty helpful. One match had my dumbass partners running through without stopping at any of the secret stashes, so I set my filter to “completionist” and found someone as meticulous as I was. I already finished the game as the Assassin, but I’m trying to get her best weapons and armor to boot. Then I’ll move on to the other classes, I think.

Resistance 3 is getting some really good reviews, which I’m glad to see. I really enjoyed the first Resistance, even if it was a launchy-launch game. R2 had great co-op (which I wish was included in R3), but the campaign was a wash. This sounds more like R1, so I’m looking forward to getting it from Gamefly tomorrow.

  • It’s smart for Sony to make a public display of their new security chief, even if the issue has more or less blown over in the minds of most consumers. Investors still seem uneasy, and at least now they can say they won’t have to hire outside firms.
  • I didn’t play Cars 2, but Toy Story 3 was really a genuinely great kid-friendly game. That proves Avalanche has some great talent, so it’s always terrible to see them laid off.
  • I played Out of This World, but never finished it, because it was hard as hell. Maybe on iOS I’ll give it another shot.

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