Politics, Puns, and Football

It was a big night, between the Obama speech and the NFL game. I watched them both. I thought Obama gave a strong speech, but we’ll see how it bears out in the next few days as he gives more details on the exact deficit reductions. Still, you can’t say that guy is a poor orator. The NFL game was a pretty high-scoring game, though the best part was when a commentator claimed a player had done a barrel roll.

“Never give up! Trust your instincts!”

I would think it was viral marketing for Star Fox if it weren’t such an amazing move.

I tried starting a meme the other day with the best character from any movie of the last few years, or possibly ever. Bear Dude. The basic idea revolves around bear puns, and I didn’t really figure it would catch on. Imagine my surprise when browsing Reddit today I found this. Success! Inasmuch as he used the picture, but totally missed the pun aspect. Oh well. I’ll take it.

  • It’s kind of amazing how many patent suits have hit Nintendo since they started focusing on getting out of the hardware rat race and doing their own thing. Throw another one on the pile.
  • I played some Dead Rising 2 and didn’t like it as much as Case Zero, but the problem wasn’t really load times. The whole experience just felt a bit stilted and arbitrarily challenging, which didn’t bother me in the short Case Zero experience. But sure. Sounds great.
  • Looking at the comments, I’m glad other people also thought this game involved punching fish. I thought so when I was writing it up, but realized otherwise. Apparently it’s a semi-transparent overlay and those motions are supposed to be reeling in the line. Still, it looks an awful lot like punching fish, which would make that game so much more awesome.

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