Resistance 3 first impressions

I got Resistance 3 in the mail today from GameFly. Usually new releases come on Thursday, so I suppose that proves that they ship them out Monday instead of the Tuesday of release. I was a little disappointed when it didn’t come yesterday, before reminding myself that a video game rental coming 24 hours later because I got a day off from my job that requires me to stay at home with the internet is basically the epitome of a “First World Problem.”

Oh, MC Frontalot, you help keep things in perspective.

I’ve played about an hour so far, and I’m really enjoying it. Bringing back the weapon wheel alone makes a huge difference, and I think Jeff Cannata nailed why in this week’s Weekend Confirmed. This is a series that really thrives on its weapons, and giving you your entire arsenal at all times means you have a ton of strategic options at your fingertips. Switching to the two-weapon system in R2 might’ve seemed fashionable, but it totally undermined what makes Insomniac games so great. Imagine a Ratchet game where you only keep two weapons at a time.

I agree with Cannata’s thoughts on the red-screen haze too, but that’s a minor gripe. I just got through the boat mission, which was a weaker encounter set than the first few, but didn’t last overly long. I’m glad they gave you the Augur right away, because it helps show off some of the creative weaponry right off the bat.

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution may have had some problems, but it deserves success.
  • Cool swag.

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