Nintendo, Star Fox, and Fantasies

Tonight was the 3DS press conference, and I watched it for Shacknews. It was very tailored towards Japanese sensibilities, so it’s really no wonder they didn’t bother providing an English translator. Just how Japanese was it? “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.” That much.

I got Star Fox 64 3D in the mail today from GameFly, and made a quick run through the hard path. I know me some Star Fox 64, and I’m 99% certain that they toned down the difficulty for the 3DS setting. You can choose N64 difficulty, but they claimed the differences were tuning for controls. I was good at the game back in the day, but even so, I breezed through some of the tougher parts on my first try for this one. The Copperhead missiles and Andross’ brain, in particular, seemed to take more hits in the old version. Those missiles were downright damage sponges back in the day.

At any rate, I hit it all in one life, so I’m confident that my skills haven’t left me entirely. I didn’t get perfect scores, though, because that’s just straight memorization that left me a long time ago.

I think I’ll run through twice more — the easy and medium paths — and then send it back. I’m almost finished with R3 too, so I can turn them both around so I won’t have to choose between Gears of War 3 and Kirby Mass Attack next week. (Kirby won my informal Twitter poll).

I seem to have won my first week of Fantasy Football, and I’m more convinced than ever that it is mainly luck. However, I’m taking on Woho next week, and her team beat my score by 150% this week, so let’s just say I’m uneasy.

I didn’t write this story, but some friends and I had this exact idea years ago. I’m sure it’s not that unique an idea, but I’m glad someone is doing it.

  • Purdy.
  • I don’t think Microsoft is donating directly here, but raising awareness of the charity is nothing to sneeze at, especially from such a huge corporation.
  • I was underwhelmed by FF13 — or rather, very whelmed, and then only slightly whelmed, and then not very whelmed at all. My enthusiasm for the battle system faded as I realized the story made no sense and I didn’t like anybody. But Square keeps saying the right things about 13-2, so I’m open to it. And if it’s good, why not another?

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