Storm brewing off the coast of Portable Bay

I’m just getting off the late late shift at Shacknews, having come around at midnight to cover Sony’s TGS conference. It was a long one, as Sony tends to be, but the story of the night has to be how little game footage they showed. Like I mentioned on Twitter, this is about as damning an indictment you can have about the current dedicated portable system market. We all know the iPhone and Android are closing in on the market like sharks; but for a company to detail its new game hardware at the Tokyo Game Show surrounded by games press and spend almost all of their time talking about phone-like features? That’s pretty ominous.

On the bright side, Final Fantasy X HD remake? Hell yes.

I finished up Resistance 3 tonight, and it really won me over. It’s such a nice varied campaign with a killer ending and great weaponry. I haven’t had that much fun with a weapon playground since Bulletstorm, and before then not for a long time. I think they’re both in the running for my favorite shooters this year, just for the variety and sense of pure “play” you get out of the combat options. I’m not much into multiplayer, but I’ll probably mess around with it a little before I send it back.

I’ll be sending back Star Fox 64 3D too. I finished all the planets at least once, and while I have a deep and abiding love for the game, I’ve done it before. I might still grab it on sale, but for now it needs to go back to GameFly. Sending both it and R3 assures I can get Gears 3 and Kirby next week.

Renegade Ops is this week’s PSN Play game, but I haven’t gotten a chance to crack into it yet. Expect first impressions in the near future.

  • The stupid second 3DS analog stick looks incredibly likely to come to the U.S. Crap.
  • I do not understand why Angry Birds is so popular. I don’t think I ever will. I own the game. I’ve played it. I just don’t care.
  • Release date for the Vita in Japan is December 17. Despite my concerns about portable gaming hardware, I actually like things that are designed to do one thing really well, and so I’ll probably pick one up. Especially with a pretty great (theoretical) line-up.

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