Renegade Ops first impressions, and Survivor

So I got a chance to play a little bit of Renegade Ops today, and it’s a fun little dual-stick shooter. Leveling up tends to win me over when it creeps into any genre, so I can see myself grinding out for new abilities. I also like the ability to bring down enemy buildings with a well-timed spin; it sort of reminded me of the N64 game Blast Corps. Does anyone actually remember that?

Survivor came back tonight, and I’m back on-board. I like Amazing Race much more, but I’ve been getting back into Survivor lately. Quick thoughts: Coach strikes me as fake, Ozzy seems like a nice enough guy, and they almost voted off the huge nerd for sheer fact that he was a huge nerd. So far, though, I really like Papa Bear — both because he seems like a genuinely sweet older man, and because he snuck LGBT slang into the show. I’ll probably get into longer thoughts as strategies deepen and conflicts arise.

Speaking of TV, Persons of Interest is probably my most anticipated new show. Michael Emmerson looks fantastic, and the Minority Report-like concept could really lend itself to a serialized format.

Also, both Sunny and Archer tomorrow. It is a red letter day!

  • I bought all the DLC for Fallout 3, and none for New Vegas. I’m sure I’ll get around to them sometime, maybe when they’re on sale. All this to say, Lonesome Road sounds interesting, and everyone seems to think Old World Blues was fantastic. So I should catch up.
  • I’ve got a few of my definite pre-orders in, but I haven’t ordered Halo Anniversary yet. The announcements just keep coming and convincing me more that I need to get on that asap.
  • I enjoy Ratchet, but I’m more of a single-player gamer most of the time. I’m wondering if All 4 One is going to be pointless if I can’t find three partners.
  • Yep. This sounds like a Suda game.

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