The Lion King, 17 years removed

I think at some point in their life, everyone — or at least every cinephile — creates a vivid memory of the first movie that showed them what movies are capable of doing. I think for me, that happened when I was 12 years old, and watched a movie called The Lion King.

I must’ve watched it 5 times in the theater that summer. The culmination of the story and the score just struck me as so epic, and it hit me every time. Plenty of movies have done that since then, of course, and some probably hold a higher place in my heart. I’ve become a huge Star Wars nerd, for example — those films entertained me when I was a kid, but I understood the nuance a lot better when I rediscovered them as a teenager. But The Lion King endures as the first movie that just swept me up in total rapt wonderment at what was happening on-screen, and did so multiple times.

We went out to watch it tonight in 3D, mainly just for the novelty of seeing it in theaters again. What a wonderful movie that is. It’s still just as charming and grandiose as it ever was — even if the new sound mix seemed to make the score less prominent than I remember it.

A note on 3D: I hate it, and resent paying extra money for a hated feature, but I’ll deal with it if it’s my only option or if the movie is particularly praised for it. This was sort of an interesting mixture, since it was a movie always intended to be 2D. It was more like a pop-up book, where you’d see flat characters appearing on different planes. That might not sound appealing, but it was kind of an interesting style. If 3D ever catches on , maybe someone could actually do that on purpose — like Paper Mario, but for movies.

  • Putting a game developer as a playable character in your game sounds insane, but about right for Saints Row 3. (Note: I kind of resent the name “Saints Row: The Third” for making it harder to search when I’m doing research for a story.)
  • I haven’t picked up any Dragon Age 2 DLC, but this trailer for Mark of the Assassin looks interesting. I especially like how they’re tying it into the web series. Synergy!
  • Shut up and take my money! [meme reference]
  • I enjoyed Dead Nation for what it was. $4 DLC seems about right, so maybe if I have some money leftover after some other purchase, I’ll pick it up.

One thought on “The Lion King, 17 years removed

  1. That’s so good to hear that it’s still a good movie. For me, movies are so much different than I remember them being. “Milo and Otis” went from being a cute movie about a dog and a cat to being one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen with awful voice acting. “Matilda” went from being mildly scary in a thrilling way as a kid to wondering as an adult how they could possibly put “the chokey” in a kids movie. Additionally, I had no idea “Dumbo” was drunk when he drank from the barrels! I thought he was drinking soap or something because it made bubbles. (That turned into pink elephants? Was it spiked beer?)

    I haven’t had the chance to sit down with “The Never Ending Story” but I’m sure it would be even weirder than I remember it being. I saw a poster for “The Lion King” tonight at the theater and for a moment thought about seeing it. I might just have to now!

    Also: paper Mario for movies sounds kind of awesome.

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