Resident Eeeeeevil

Apparently as a PS+ subscriber, I get a bunch of PS1 classic Resident Evil games for free. I spent a bit of the day batting around whether I wanted to play Resident Evil 4 again, but a 50% discount on the HD version just seemed too good to pass up. It’s been a long time for the first two, and I never played Nemesis, so I’ll have to see how I feel about the series after saturating myself in it.

I watched Glee tonight. I’m not entirely sure why. It was pretty funny in the first season, but really went off the rails last year. Now I’m just convinced that the writers neglect major aspects of their characters on random whims. Tonight, Sue started a campaign to eliminate arts programs, and Will shouted at her that it threatened his job security. The writers have apparently totally forgotten that Will is a Spanish teacher. This glee club crap is an extracurricular activity that he’s sponsoring. He’s not a music teacher at all! Jesus. Just lazy, sloppy writing.

  • I can’t see myself actually playing as the Animated Series skin, cool as it looks. That said, when they release it as DLC later, I will get it, because Batman.
  • I like to think my contribution to Duke Nukem Forever feedback came in my review, which I re-read today. I still think I was too nice.
  • I almost resent FF13-2 for convincing me to try it, but it’s coming out in late January alongside nothing else, so I can just rent it to see if I like it.

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