Gears of War 3 first impressions

I chipped a few more hours into Gears 3 last night. It’s fairly unsurprising, but that’s not really a bad thing. When you play a Gears game you know you’re going to get beautiful environments and really fun, solid game mechanics. I’m not actually sure how long I played last night; I think I lost a little time.

The writing is being lauded in this one, and it’s definitely a step up. It didn’t choke me up like I heard from one podcast, but the moments that are supposed to be emotional actually pull it off without seeming cheesy or dumb. There’s a pretty early moment with Cole Train that shows how they thought the impact-moments of this one through.

  • I presumed this Battlefield 3 news would upset the PC crowd, and it looks like I was right.
  • The first comment in response to this OnLive story is pretty smart. It does sound a lot like the company is positioning itself to get picked up by a hardware manufacturer.
  • I wondered about the legality of the new PlayStation Network TOS, but I suppose there’s precedent? I can’t say I support the Supreme Court in the initial decision, but Sony jumping on that opportunity makes sense.

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