Amazing Race, Terra Nova

Amazing Race premiered last night, and I’m not really latching onto any of this year’s contestants. Some seem more likable than others, but there really isn’t anyone to root for yet. I was glad the farmers didn’t get kicked off, but that’s mainly just because they hit such a silly snag I’d hate to see them punished so harshly for it.

So, that Terra Nova, huh? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a show more clearly telegraph its plot points, but for some crazy dinosaur action it works. I think I’ll have to watch a few more episodes to see how I feel about the show as a whole. But hey: dinosaurs!

I’m almost finished with Gears 3, and I think I’ll wrap up the campaign tonight. I’ve tried to get into Beast Mode since hearing so many good things, but so far no luck. I’ll be sending it back soon-ish, since I never got heavily into the multi modes in Gears, but let me just say: that campaign is polished to a mirror shine.

I’ve noticed people don’t respond to these posts much which makes me unsure if they’re reading them, so you know what? Bringing out the big guns. Here’s a baby cheetah meowing.

  • I never played Crysis, but I’m not sure if I want to pay $20. Maybe I’ll wait for a sale.
  • Like Sony, I’m not particularly surprised by Origin using this legal language. I don’t even really blame them for it, considering the AT&T precedent is really at fault. I am surprised that weeks went by without anyone noticing before Sony’s started making headlines, though.
  • More detail on I Am Alive came from the ESRB in one day than we’ve gotten from Ubisoft in three years.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Race, Terra Nova

  1. Chris F says:

    Hi there. I read your posts. Have you thought of renting warhammer 40k: space marine? It’s very gears-eske but still different and fun

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