Four Swords (minus three swords)

So this Four Swords thing went up today, and it’s pretty beloved. But even as a Zelda fan, this is one game I don’t actually have a lot of experience in. Or possibly any? I actually don’t remember.

I’ve played only a little so far, and unfortunately, I’m the only person I know in real life who owns a 3DS. So I’m playing this game meant for multiple partners as a single-player experience, and it really seems like I’m missing an integral part of the experience. It’s still fun and all, but I know I’m not getting the full experience, and that’s a bummer.

On the bright side: free Zelda. Speaking of which, when are they going to get around to telling us the full GBA line-up?

  • How out of touch am I with music, even from bands I like? I didn’t even realize Foo Fighters had a new album. I’m getting music news through my video game news. God help me.
  • I kind of like how the SEO makes it look like this tournament is giving away $16 million.
  • Wow, James Cameron still really believes in this 3D stuff, huh?

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